Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pop-Tarts and Politicians

I enjoyed the heck out of my breakfast this morning. After several months of really striving to eat a healthy breakfast, i.e. lots of fiber, protein, and calcium, I broke down, way down. Not only did I eat two cherry Pop-Tarts, I ate them toasted and covered in butter. So much butter, that the butter dripped onto my wrist as I drove down the road and I had to lick it off before it dripped onto my sweater.

Now let's play pretend for a minute. Suppose this is some sort of healthy living blog that you come to for guidance on preparing and eating a nutritious breakfast. Suppose further that I promoted myself as a fitness guru and raised funds for my campaign as the Healthy Breakfast Champion (HBC) of the United States of America (USA). Lots of funds, from lots of big corporations and individual people who send me checks from their personal bank accounts.

OK, still with me? I am running for the office of HBC of the USA and you are one of my campaign contributors. Since you admire me so much that you have sent me money, you are excited to notice me driving just in front of you on your way to work this morning. So excited in fact, that you speed up and drive just next to me with your mug of oatmeal raised in salute as you prepare to pass me with an admiring smile on your face. As you inch past, the smile freezes as you first notice my licking my wrist and then see the butter slathered Pop-Tart clenched in my greasy fingers.

Oh the horror. How does that make you feel? You have been supporting my campaign for the HBC of the USA because you believed that I not only preached the good life but practiced it. Are you going to continue to send people to this blog to read about healthy living with the whole butter-licking image seared into your retinas?

Probably not.

Herman Cain is licking butter covered Pop-Tarts.

I'd be the first to admit that people aren't perfect, and we should not expect perfection. But allegations of sexual harassment aside, this latest information to come forth is that he carried on a documented extra-marital affair for 13 years with a woman. That's enough to count him out of the running for me. I want to believe that someone I would choose to vote into the office of President of the United States will at least be faithful to the person he made private vows to in good faith.

People fall out of love, people have desires, people want things that their partners are unable or unwilling to provide. Those people need to clean up their business before they run for the most public and important office of this country.

The worst, the absolute worst thing he did in my book, is lie about it.

So what do you think? Can he, should he, save himself by coming clean and admitting his wrongdoings publicly? Or does he continue his campaign and make private apologies to the wife who probably already knew everything anyway? I'd really love to hear your opinions.


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