Thursday, January 23, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Friends, Veils, and the Rock Cycle

What makes a week successful? The very fact that it is Thursday sends me into my best mood of the week, I am headed for three whole days off filled with family and friends and a really fun weekend to look forward to enjoying.

I'd like to start with some looking back on the week that was and celebrate Small Success Thursday with my new friends at

1. This morning two of my friends brought me baggies of different vanilla flavored lean protein powders. I was just thinking that I'd like a vanilla flavor in my morning protein shakes and here they popped into my office with two types to try. Success defined by having thoughtful friends, you bet!

2. I finally wore a veil to Mass and nobody screamed and pointed. I have been wanting to wear the veil I bought for the last two years; carrying it around in my purse terrified to actually wear it. My daughters, 14 and 11, snickered at me and threatened to stop sitting with me but they were both alter serving anyway and got over themselves pretty quick when I promised not to make them wear veils. Father Sam came by and said he was going to call me Dona Melaina from now on and other than that it was a total non event. Yet I consider it a success because I was brave enough to do this little act of reverence that just felt right.

3. I want to teach and this week took a step towards finding a teaching job by reaching out to a friend and agreeing to come teach the rock cycle to her class at the wonderful school where she teaches. She will introduce me around and they will hopefully use me for subbing on Fridays. I currently work Monday through Thursday 10 hours days, so subbing on Fridays and getting to know the Principal could lead to a teaching job when they starting filling positions for this fall. It's one step towards a big goal, but it's the hardest first step.

Share your small successes with me friends, I'd love to hear what happened in your world lately.